Break Out Claire Cray



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Break Out  by  Claire Cray

Break Out by Claire Cray
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The Talents have made it to Los Angeles, but its more Wild West than California Dreams as these troubled runaways continue to fight for their independence...and their sanity.Ken may be good at keeping secrets, but as his Talent grows its starting to cost him his cool.

And if that wasnt bad enough, hes starting to have some very strange dreams -- but a night out with a beautiful local helps take his mind off things.Jin cant figure out why Ken has him feeling so crazy, and to make matters worse, he has to get used to a dramatically different dynamic with Jackson and the team in California. With his teammates safe for now, Jin has a lot more time and energy to spend on the only other thing thats ever managed to hold his attention.Meanwhile, Sky has come a long way thanks to Marks support at ARSI, and hes even earned a chance to work with Kel. Even Aki seems refreshed by the change of pace in California -- if he and Lip could just find some new real estate fit to house their most important possessions.But will all their progress be destroyed when a certain Talent makes a shocking comeback?

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