Bits and Pieces of Kingdom Wisdom and Revelation Bishop Robert L Gethers

ISBN: 9781477212295

Published: October 1st 2012


122 pages


Bits and Pieces of Kingdom Wisdom and Revelation  by  Bishop Robert L Gethers

Bits and Pieces of Kingdom Wisdom and Revelation by Bishop Robert L Gethers
October 1st 2012 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 122 pages | ISBN: 9781477212295 | 5.23 Mb

Over the years I have collected and accumulated a number of, what I call: Bits and Pieces of Kingdom Wisdom and Revelations. This book contains some of my favorite, power pack, key words of wisdom and revelations. As you read you will understand my reason for using this title. The little bits and pieces in this book will, either, add too, or change your concept about certain views in Christendom and kingdom insight. The title of this book is not mentioned throughout the book- in reading you will, also, understand why.

For instance, this book is not written with much detail, or with exhaustive information about any particular subject. Most of my views are short with a proverbial fl avor- this means, that sometimes it may seem as if you are actually, reading proverbs. Some of these sayings might be viewed as, idioms, motto and some, as I said, have the fl avor of a proverb, which from a kingdom perspective, I believe, fit the messages in this book perfectly. Most of these proverbial sayings were conceived in my spirit and were birthed by the Holy Spirit, often times, when I was in prayer.

Many years have passed since I started recording these sayings. I believe this book of Spirit filled wisdom shouldve been blessing people everywhere long ago. My greatest desire for this book is that every reader will discover a greater passion for purpose, and a greater desire to grow in kingdom revelation, which will be beneficial for kingdom living.

This book contains a wealth of, what I believe to be: wise spiritual snacks, lunch and occasionally, readers might discover a full meal to dine on, which is-without a doubt-good for the spirit, soul and body.

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