Dingo Brad Purcell

ISBN: 9781283146746

Published: September 1st 2010


177 pages


Dingo  by  Brad Purcell

Dingo by Brad Purcell
September 1st 2010 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 177 pages | ISBN: 9781283146746 | 9.11 Mb

This is a very informative book about the Australian dingo and the author passionately argues against the dingo control and the purity-mania as well as the flaws in the current practices to identify pure dingoes as well as the flaws of the concept of purity itself.However I must say that the author has one big flaw:He denies the dingo to be a dog, the genetic study he cites did not state that the dingo is some form of primitive canid prior to the domestic dog but rather that the dingo is a dog.

In addition he counts the annual breeding cycle of dingoes as a trait placing them to the primitive canids but ignores the on average all year round virility of dingo-males which is not a feature known for wolves but among the genus canis is one of the defining characteristics of the domestic dog. In addition it has been proven that wolf-packs do not function in the way the author describes and that the known dominance hierarchies for wolf-packs are rather typical for captive packs than those in the wild.Furthermore a single heat cycle is not unknown among domestic dogs and was proven to exist among Basenjis, Indian Pariah dogs, New Guinea Singing dogs (which can actually have up to three per year), West Siberian Laikas and as far as I know also East Siberian Laikas, Tibetan Mastiffs and Akitas.

In addition studies in Germany (of which the author is probably not aware) showed that dingo-females can have two heat cycles per year.I agree with a critical review of the book I once read and say that the authors assessment of the dingo as a rather wolf than dog is not based on evidence but on his desire to conserve the dogs and in the environmental community a wolf counts more than a dog.So all in all this book is to be recommended, but when it comes to the taxonomic status of the dingo it is to be read with great care since the author seems to lack a clear definition of what is a domestic dog and what a wolf and his assesment of the dingos state seems to be rather based on conservation wishes (where a status as a protected animal would be easier to gain if the dingo would be classified as a wolf instead of a dog).

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