Atheism Debate Guide: Does A God Exist? Helix Ten


Published: November 19th 2013

Kindle Edition

69 pages


Atheism Debate Guide: Does A God Exist?  by  Helix Ten

Atheism Debate Guide: Does A God Exist? by Helix Ten
November 19th 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 69 pages | ISBN: | 8.19 Mb

This is the ultimate debate app available to the public on the topic of whether or not a god exists. This is the most complete, concise and comprehensive app available to the public on this fierce philosophical topic. This is a must have app for any serious debater and is the perfect resource guide and glossary for you to use as a reference for when you have debates about a god, a religion or philosophy. If you are interested in the question of whether or not there is a god then this app will be perfect for you regardless of what you believe about whether or not a god exists because of the informative information it contains.

The information in this app is basically a summation of multiple sources including videos, articles and debates, which were compiled over many years to use as a personal guide. The following information goes over the major arguments for and against the existence of god in detail and answers almost every question and idea you could possibly conceive of regarding the topic of god. Some of these arguments and topics may be new to you so please examine them closely and try to determine your position on each of them.

The position being taken within this app is that there is no reason to have a belief in a god so you may agree or disagree with what is written here. This app is the perfect tool and will get you thinking and using your brain. If you do happen to disagree with any of the following information it would be important for you to present an argument and evidence for your position so you can take a stance and perhaps pose your own formal rebuttals.

By reading the arguments, logical fallacies and answers to the common questions along with the other information within this app you will become well informed and extremely familiar with this controversial philosophical debate. However, you should search for more information on your own as well. This app states each point in an eloquent way that is brief and concise instead of making each point seem like a complex, lengthy novel.

This app provides understandable and searchable information that is normally extremely complex, technical and hard to find. Within this app you can also share and send articles to your friends as well. Also there is zero advertising in this app and no ads making it easy to access the information whenever you want without distraction.

The topic of god is a philosophical discussion that has been raging on for over 2,500 years since the days of Xenophanes, Anaximander and Socrates but now it is your turn to understand the philosophical arguments and perspectives of some of the greatest minds that have ever lived.

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