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LIGHT CASUALTIES: A Private War - VIETNAM  by  J.C. Willis

LIGHT CASUALTIES: A Private War - VIETNAM by J.C. Willis
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I rarely buy non-fiction, but I am so glad I read this one. It is a truthful account of one soldier’s experiences in Vietnam. Although I grew up with the kids who were drafted to go over there, very few ever wanted to talk about it, so this narrative explained a lot to me.Written in third person, J. C. did not glamorize his actions, but merely told his tale with honesty and authenticity. Although he downplayed the drama and horror, you could feel the constant tension and fear which caused so many young minds to snap. His struggles to endure may not have been by the same method all used, but it was common enough, and I admire his guts to bare his own soul in order to tell it like it was.Mr.

Willis has a beautiful writing style – his descriptions are amazingly detailed and put the reader into the scene. He painted poetic pictures of the stunning landscape, yet also depicted the stifling heat, torrential rains, and menacing vegetation which at times seemed to be the worst enemy they faced.

Very well written, this book grabs your attention and does not let go. If you want to know what the Vietnam War was really like, this is a side you need to see. Thank you for serving and surviving to tell your tale, Mr. Willis. Salute!

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